Education Resource Fair

Welcome to our Curriculum & Resource Fair preview!  

We are excited to welcome these vendors and thank them for coming to our community!  

THIS Saturday at the Western Park building in Vernal!
This will be an excellent opportunity for parents (whether home educating full-time, for the summer, with toddlers or considering the options), to see many of the great resources available for home education!
Feel free to preview these educational options and resources below, then bring a friend and come ask your questions and hold the materials in your own hands, free of charge* and right here in Vernal! 
* Tickets must be presented to enter the Workshops portion of the conference, including keynote.  See How to purchase tickets for more information.

Nicholeen Peck
Our keynote speaker this year, Nicholeen has made available many excellent resources for home educating families!  Parenting advice and family support including courses, videos, articles, books and much more!  She will be at her booth after 1 pm

Wholesome Books
SO...MANY (over 8 tables!)... Excellent books and resources in every subject!  This is an excellent opportunity to preview the possibilities on the website, come and hold them in your own hands and ask questions to make your final selection, then buy without shipping costs!

Royal Academe Moor House Academy  
Christian, Biblical-based family school resource   and a separate,  LDS-based family school enrichment resource plus more; excellent, affordable new materials about to be released!

Pioneer Online Academy for Homeschoolers
A private online academy offering a variety of complete online courses for home educated students, with an emphasis on preparatory learning for higher education and for life.  A viable alternative to publicly funded online schools with lesson plans, enrichment activities, assignments and assessments; all at a very comparable price to other private online schools. Not funded by federal tax dollars or subsidies and not subject to dumbed down standards, the Common Core, rigid testing, or data mining. Pioneering a new path for online learning!

Heroic Youth
Programs and materials available; Youth mentoring with two divisions, Mastering Knighthood for the boys, and Handmaidens of Virtue for the girls, each are designed to reach boys and girls with the language and environment that best speaks to their gender. "Through our Christ-centered teachings, we truly believe that every young man and young woman has the ability to be truly great."

Home Education Council of America ( A resource network that helps parents to understand all the available options in home education.  Includes resources for finding curriculum, networking, social activities, articles and more.  Consider joining today!

Mountain Heights Academy
Formerly Open High School of Utah, is a tuition-free, online public charter school available to all Utah students in grades 7 – 12.

White House Academy
An LDS-based private school here in Vernal with the mission to assist families in
 preparing children to uphold the highest moral standards, to be wise and discerning, to love the pursuit of useful knowledge, and to be active tools in the hands of the Lord in contributing to  their communities, wherever they may live.  Also, check out their homeschool resource page

Utah Upstart/Waterford Institute
An online preschool funded by the Utah State Legislature.  From their site: "UPSTART gives Utah families an easy–to–use, at–home preschool program that will start their children on the path to success in school".

Connections Academy
A tuition-free, fully accredited college-preparatory/K–12 private school available to students everywhere.

Harmony Ed
Partnering with public schools to provide students with individualized and flexible educational choices at no cost to the family.

Davinci Academy Distance Learning
Created by a Homeschooling Mom for Homeschooling Moms; designed to make your homeschooling life easier not harder.  Educational Specialists (certified teachers) to support you in creating your child's individualized learning plan and building their educational portfolio, including help with everything from shopping for resources, to wading through curriculum options, to collecting and documenting work, to parent education and much more!  

Life School
An online resource with a $10/30-day trial, Life Integrated Family Education was established to provide a spiritually and academically whole education to families who hold a belief in the gospel and teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

LDS Education Association
Working with parents and with schools to create a pathway through home education and into excellent colleges. 

David O. McKay Academy
An accredited K-12 Private, LDS-based, School that utilizes the LIFE School Curriculum, a program that has been in the development for over twenty years and has been tested in the home and classroom.

Usborne Books
Over  2,000 titles in print, publishing almost every type of children's book for every age group, including excellent educational books.

Uintah County 4-H
Events, classes, college scholarship opportunities and more.

Living Scriptures

Let's Play Music!~ Sheri Harding  Fun music lessons here in Vernal.

k-12 Uintah Online

Promises of the Constitution or A complete Homeschool Curriculum on the U.S. Constitution, including the Textbook: "Promises of the Constitution: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow; Lessons of the Constitution, Student Workbook; and Lessons of the Constitution, Parent/Teacher Guide. The course includes a total of 129 lessons.  

A big thank you to our sponsors!

Aaron's furniture and electronics


Gale's Bookstore

Lakeshore Learning

LDS Education Association

Lip Smackin' D's


Uintah Basin Handmaidens of Virtue

And a special thanks to (a great pool of homeschool resources and information) for listing this event!


  1. For clarification: while some of our vendors and sponsors are LDS-focused, this Education Conference and Resource Fair is for everyone: it is not an event directed to promote any one religion, and every effort has been made to include speakers and resources from as many faiths and educational options as possible.

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