Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Join us THIS Saturday!

You can see who is on those shoulders: a child like yours.

And look at the "giant": an ordinary parent like you.  

Likely an ordinary parent with tired shoulders and an aching back.

Wherever your children are learning, your "shoulders" play a tremendous role in their education.  This conference is a great time to recharge those shoulders with some fresh ideas and options: from getting along with your kids, to excellent books and materials every family would love, to charting a uniquely amazing course for your family's education.

June 28, right here in the Uintah Basin (at Western Park: 300 E 200 S in Vernal), you have an opportunity to rest your shoulders a bit and step onto some truly great shoulders for a glimpse at the possibilities for your child's education... and your family's journey.

It's only a small conference, in a small town far off the beaten path...  

You could attend other conferences in big cities that would take your breath away...

You probably have a lot to do on a typical Saturday...

But consider three reasons to attend THIS conference, THIS year:

1-  Education Resource Fair: free of charge and everyone is invited!  So much more than curriculum and all across the spectrum of available options, with an opportunity to hold materials in your own hands, ask questions, purchase without shipping costs and, in many cases, to meet the very person who wrote the book/program! We have some of the very best educational resources coming to this conference, but even if you walk away knowing what you are definitely NOT interested in, you will have saved yourself the headache and expense of long-distance shopping or searching online.   

2-  Workshops: 2 options each hour featuring something for every parent!  
Everything from getting started (or starting again) in home-based-education... to rescuing your parenting efforts... to running a home-based business or a homeschool co-op... to understanding teenagers... to fitting it all into a day (or maybe an hour!) and so much more!  Tickets are required for this portion of the conference, so Check out our Speakers Page for the full schedule and don't forget to get your ticket early.

3- Nicholeen Peck is coming!

We are so excited to have Nicholeen as our 10:00 am keynote speaker (ticket required) for this Conference; to meet her in person and learn from her experience how to understand teens, communicate effectively in our families and teach our children a love for obedience and true freedom!  She will be teaching two additional workshops.  You can learn more about Nicholeen on our speakers page and at her website: or see the "Strictest Parents in the World" video here.

A big thank you to our sponsors!

  • Aaron's furniture and electronics
  • Coca-Cola
  • Gale's Bookstore
  • Lakeshore Learning
  • LDS Education Association
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  • Uintah Basin Handmaidens of Virtue
And thank you to (a great site for home education resources and information) for listing this event!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Parents: do you need CPR?

Have you had enough yet?
Do you feel like you are drowning some days? 
Parenting is hard work. Isn't there any way to make it easier? 

It's time for CPR: a Cultural Parenting Revolution! 


Nicholeen Peck, keynote speaker at our conference, will help us take a deep look at what parenting used to look like; what it looks like in our modern society and what it needs to look like to create the leaders we need for the future.  Let's line up all these ideas, and make new parenting choices to free our families from emotional bondage.

Nicholeen will also be teaching two workshops at our conference!  For more information, visit our speakers page.

For tickets to the keynote and workshops, contact Mindy Mair at (435)650-5614

A big thank you to our sponsors!
  • Uintah Basin Handmaidens of Virtue
  • Gale's Bookstore
  • Aaron's furniture and electronics
  • LDS Education Association
  • Coca-Cola
  • Staples
  • Lip Smackin' D's
  • Lakeshore Learning

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New to homeschooling? Considering homeschooling? Need ideas to fill the summer with educational experiences with your children? Love home educating but need some fresh ideas or resources?

Join us for the Home and education Event of the year!

Featuring speakers from near and far, this is the best chance of the year to learn about options in education from home and beyond, right here in your home town!

Saturday, June 28

At the Western Park in Vernal

300 E 200 S, Vernal

9:00 am
Registration and Curriculum Fair begins

Curriculum Fair continues through the day.  This portion of the conference is FREE to enter and is open to the public.  
More info on our curriculum fair page.

Ticket-only workshops and keynote: $25 for one ticket OR $20 each for two or more tickets
Limited seating: at-door tickets may or may not be available.

10:00 Keynote Speaker Nicholeen Peck:
"CPR: Cultural Parenting Revolution"

11:00 Workshops begin

1:00 Lunch break 
(lunch not included with ticket purchase)

1-3:00 Workshops

4-5:00 Final hour to visit Book & Education Resource Fair

***Tickets are non-refundable and must be presented to enter any classes including keynote.***
(Event committee is NOT responsible for lost or stolen tickets)

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Utah State Legislature amendments to homeschooling laws

This from Article here
SALT LAKE CITY — Both chambers of the Utah Legislature have passed versions of a bill freeing home-school families from statewide education requirements and making it easier for children to transfer in and out of the public education system.

In summary:

Homeschooling parents are required to file an affidavit through our local school district only ONCE for every school age child (6 years old, by... I think it's Aug 1), then again only if we move to a different school district. We are only required to request our child(ren) to be excused.  We no longer need to agree to instruct them in the same subjects or for the same amount of time. We are completely responsible as parents for those details.

Text to the new amended law here.

The amended law states nothing about requiring more information than the affidavit required before. Unless another law changed that I haven't found yet, you are still only required to give your name, address and name and age of child.

The School District is still required to send a letter by Aug 1 each year, excusing each child from attendance.

-Both our Senator and our Congressman voted for this. In fact, a large majority did.

-Part of the new text includes this GREAT line:
-(ii) the parent assumes sole responsibility for the education of the school-age minor [including selection of materials, location, method of testing, etc., AND amount of instruction time!  ], except to the extent the school-age minor is dual enrolled in a public school as provided in Section 53A-11-102.5 .

THIS is the shocker. De-regulation of home education.  Hasn't happened...ever.  Thank your reps and Senators Osmond and Knotwell for that, if you feel so inclined.

-As before, the law still states this:
A local school board may not:
89 (i) require a parent of a school-age minor who attends a home school to maintain
90 records of instruction or attendance;
91 (ii) require credentials for individuals providing home school instruction;
92 (iii) inspect home school facilities; or
93 (iv) require standardized or other testing of home school students.

One more good thing: when a homeschooled student returns to a public school:
(d) The student's parent or guardian has the option of:
(i) allowing the public school to administer, to the student, assessments that are:
(A) regularly administered to public school students; and (B) used to measure public school students' subject matter mastery and determine placement; or
---->>>> (ii) having a private entity or individual administer assessments of subject matter mastery to the student at the parent's or guardian's expense. <--------------
(e) After an evaluation of a student's subject matter mastery, a public school may [*may is pretty loose language for a law...] change a student's placement in a grade level, class, or course.